Dear brethren at Temple Baptist church Pontypridd Wales UK. Greetings from First Baptist Church Mbale Uganda.

 First Baptist church Mbale Brethren sends you greetings. Hope you are well and ministry, we regretted the passing on of our brother Dewi whom we had known for long, hope Maggie is well.

 Mbale is boiling hot, January is nearly 40 degrees. It is windy and dusty, farmers are preparing gardens for sowing on the onset of the rain at the beginning of March 2019.

 The church has progressed well, had some Baptisms in 2018. We experienced some changes in members as several members moved to Kampala to look for Jobs. The church plant, Exodus Baptist is steadily growing. We had 40 members Baptized and added to the church.


Update report about Hope Ministry 2018

 First Baptist church wish to thank the brethren of Temple Baptist in partnering with First Baptist church Mbale in the area of empowering the HIV/AIDS clients with financial support to do small businesses to improve their livelihood and live longer. The support toward the vocational school toward equipping the teenage mothers was highly appreciated.



Home visits and counseling

 Home visits were done to the homes off clients to ensure that they were taking their medication and were encouraged to work hard and live positively. Twenty visits were made by Barbra the coordinator. This enabled members to be open minded and free to share their status and challenges. This activity is on-going to help clients avoid stigma and to monitor their health.


Skills development

Clients were trained to make things from locally available materials like Banana fibres, old calendars. They were able to make the following items:


¨      Beehive making

¨      Paper necklace

¨      Ear rings

¨      Christmas decorations

¨      Table mats


There are forty five women who are active in this activity


Tailoring training

Girls training for tailoring

Girls training for tailoring

Recruited and trained thirty young mothers for the training. We recruited two elderly women for the training. We purchased extra four sewing machines to boost the ten we have used for 12 years.

These young mothers are now able to make school uniforms, shirts, shorts and dresses of different fashions.

 The duration of six months for the course are few for these young mothers because sometimes they don’t attend because of the family responsibilities and more than a year.



 Bee keeping

Woman making honey

Woman making honey

Woman checking on her bee hives

Woman checking on her bee hives

This year, we focused on training the clients in beehive making and honey production. Crop and animal farming has encountered some challenges in the past due to harsh weather and limited land sizes. We decided to focus on honey production which doesn’t need much space, looking after and servicing but yet can produce quick results. We bought 10 beehives to add on the old ones they had before. Women have involved men in the group to help them in monitoring and security. Some Women harvested 10 litres of honey.


Christmas party 2018

To enable the women to meet and share fellowship, we carry out Christmas party every December. We meet to hear testimonies, share experience, communicate new plans, have a snack together and give them some money to enable them buy some sauce for Christmas.  We held a similar activity in 2018 where 45 women attended. It was a very jolly mood and very encouraging.



¨      We lost on client, Wemesa Mary

¨      Nabulwala mary another client had gone to Bududa to buy some coffee for sell and was caught up in the mudslide in Bududa in which the house she was taking shelter, a half was swept away and buried in the mud but she survived.

¨      Packing materials for honey.

¨      The group is using a rich man’s eucalyptus trees where they have beehives, the future is uncertain.

¨      There is need for more bee hives. The number of beehives is inadequate.



1.    To increase the number of beehives

2.    To purchase proper containers for harvesting honey

3.    To introduce new courses in the vocational school to support the high number of young ladies falling out of school and are subject to exploitation and HIV/AIDS.


May Almighty God bless everyone who has given towards these members to be happy.