Overseas Mission

Pontypridd Overseas Network Trust (PONT)

PONT is based very much on friendship and mutual benefit.  Our partnership with First Baptist Church in Mbale is centred around Hope Ministries , a programme they had already started before we  met  them.

Hope Ministries reaches out to the poor in their community with practical help like visiting, counselling, encouraging as well as helping people with small loans to enable them to set up micro businesses.   The help that we are able to give enables them do do more of that by supporting a social worker as well as providing capital for the loans.  They have also set up a training school to give people some skills to enable them to earn a living.

We never want to dis-empower the local church but to encourage them to be able to do  more. We hold a second collection in the morning service 4 times a year for the work of Hope Ministries.



Temple works with two orphanages in Romania - one in Lupeni, the other in Uricani. During the summer months, teams from Temple have visited the orphanages, helping to run summer camps for the children there. A pen-pal programme has also been started, where the youth in Temple have been matched with friends in Romania.