Tempo - Sunday 17th December 2017

This Sunday

11am Morning Service

Including Sunday School Christmas Items

Andy Sparkes will be preaching the third of our Advent series.


The work amongst the youth of Pontypridd is on hold currently: neither the Sunday nor the Friday night outreach is happening during December, but may return in the New Year.  Please pray for those who have been involved as leaders and helpers, that this may be a time of recharging, re-envisioning,and replenishing of resources.  May God commission new people as needed to join this work.  Finally, please pray for the young people who have been reached through the faithful witness of this last year or so, that God will keep them and bring to completeness the work that He has started in them.

Christmas Events

On Tuesday 19th at 6.15pm Carols on the Graig with the children of Awesome Kids and their families in our Graig building.

On Wednesday 20th Carol singing on Graigwen meeting at 7pm at the top entrance to the estate.

On Sunday Christmas Eve There is no morning service.  However, at 4pm, there will be a Carol Service here featuring the Pontypridd Community Choir.

On Monday Christmas Day at 10.15am  A family service.

On Sunday 31 Dec Morning service as usual from 11am.

 Christmas Eve Carol Service Collection

 The collections at the Christmas Eve carol service will be donated to Tearfund.  This is an ideal time to support Tearfund because at the moment the government will match any donations we make, effectively doubling the money given.  So please come prepared to support this work on Christmas Eve or speak to Mick Rees before the end of the year if you can’t make Christmas Eve but would still like to donate to this work.

New Year Activities

Two new activities commence in 2018, both on Fridays.

Temple Tots – a group for pre-schoolers aged from 0 to 3 or 4.  This will be from 10am to 12 noon on Friday mornings.  Jess Morgan would appreciate help from volunteers in getting this going.  Please speak to her if you are interested.  Start date is TBC.

Flying Start – this is a council run group for parents of little ones living on the Graig on Friday mornings and comprises an 11 week course from 12 January.  Please contact lisa.bowen@rctcbc.gov.uk for more information.

Men’s Breakfast

There will be a Men’s Fellowship Breakfast on Saturday 13 January 2018 from 9.30am onwards. 

Retro Games Night

Hedd Morgan is organising a Retro Games Night for Saturday 20 January.  Please speak to him to register an interest and with any suggestions and offers of help.

Christmas Admin

This is the final Tempo of 2017.  The first Tempo of 2018 will be 7 Jan.  The church office will close on Tues 19 Dec at 3pm and will re-open on Fri 5 Jan 2018 at 9.30am.  Please use email to contact the office over this period, but note that your requests will not be actioned until January.


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