Tempo - Sunday, 7th January 2018

This Sunday

11am Morning Service

including a review of 2017 with Colin Sparkes and communion.

Tea and Coffee Rota

My thanks to everyone who has helped with the Sunday tea rota, either by working on a Sunday or by providing tea, coffee, milk and biscuits. Your contributions have all been very much appreciated.  Paula Roberts

Church Meeting

There will be a Church Members' Meeting on Sunday 21 January following the morning service. This will be an extraordinary meeting to discuss and hopefully make a final decision on the Constitution for the church.

Men’s Breakfast

There will be a Men’s Fellowship Breakfast on Saturday 13 January 2018 from 9.30am onwards.  Simon Mealing will be introducing a new initiative “First Man Standing”.  Please let him know, if you can, whether you are coming.

Retro Games Night

Hedd Morgan is organising a Retro Games Night for Saturday 20 January.  Please speak to him to register an interest and with any suggestions and offers of help.

Flying Start

This is a council run group for parents of little ones living on the Graig on Friday mornings and comprises an 11 week course from 12 January.  Contact lisa.bowen@rctcbc.gov.uk for more information, please.

Bible Book Club

Hello all. I'm interested in seeing if there is anyone who may be interested in a new Bible Society initiative for (probably) same gender groups of 4 - 6 people to read a nominated book of the Bible throughout the month and then meet up to chat about the book and what has been important to them sharing with the others and generally understanding the Bible in more depth.   Anyone interested? Carol Davies

Christians against Poverty

Three CAP courses are starting in Pontypridd at the end of January.

CAP Job Club – Thursdays 10am – St Catherine's starting 25 Jan

CAP Life Skills – Fridays 1pm – here at Temple starting 26 Jan

Life Skills gives people the confidence and decision making skills they need to survive life on a low income, teaching practical money saving techniques such as cooking on a budget to help people be less stressed and build good relationships.

CAP Release – Wednesdays 7pm – St   Caths starting 31 Jan

Release helps people find freedom from life controlling habits like smoking, gambling, internet addictions, drinking and so on.

CAP Debt help in Pontypridd is also ongoing.

You can help in several ways

Ø  Please think about who you know who might benefit from joining a course. Pick up a flyer from Melanie.

Ø  The Release group and Debt coach are looking for befrienders who can come alongside people on the courses. The time commitment is flexible. Talk to Melanie to find out more.

Ø  If you feel called to give financially to this work or give practical help please chat to Melanie.

Ø  You can pray for these various activities, for organisers, clients and participants.  There is a group that regularly gathers for prayer.


You can contact Melanie on 07786 996399 or melaniesarahhutt@gmail.com

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